The Bureau

 Scanning Service

We can scan objects or individuals within our 3m diameter. 360 degree photo scanner. Seventy-two SLR cameras and 800 LED spots generate high definition photographic images that are stitched together by bespoke Staramba software to create a full 3D avatar ready for 3D printing. 
From Your 3D creations

​Supply us with your 3D renders and we can 3D print in mono or full colour. There are ways to cut print costs by using less materials and our expert team are happy to advise on any aspect of this service.

3D Printing

​From scans or renders we print in full colour 3D using the highly acclaimed 3DSystems Projet 660 printers. The complete process takes a couple of days and single objects can be created up to 14” (350mm) square, or if larger printed in sections for later assembly. The print material is sandstone based; the outer layer is hardened during printing and again post production. The end product is ideal for viewing and delicate handling.       


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