Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FT3D scanning process?

The scan itself takes literally a second where you must remain perfectly still, similar to a regular photo. The scanner consists of 72 Canon cameras with 320 LED lights. Once taken you have an opportunity to approve the scan.  The software then stitches together the images to form a 3D virtual image on screen from which we produce your figurine.

Can you capture more than one person at the same time?

Yes we can, up to 4 individuals, subject to height. Alternatively, individuals can be scanned and electronically combined to be made part of a group.

Are the figurines produced to scale?

We produce the figurines to scale so that you will be in proportion to any relatives/friends/models scanned.

Is the FT3D scan safe?

There are no flashing lights although the LED’s are bright, but we always ensure time in the scanner is minimal.


Customers wearing glasses should remove them during the scan,  as they are difficult to reproduce. Glasses and other accessories can be electronically added laterpost scan at an additional cost.

What are the figurines made from?

The figurines are printed layer by layer using a specialist sandstone/gypsum powder.

How big are the figurines?

We can print a range of scales/sizes dependent on your height, see size table.

When can I have my figurine?

Your figurine can either be collected or despatched by tracked courier usually in 10 working days, P&P is an additional cost.

How long will the process take?

Usually no more than 15 minutes, image capture itself takes seconds.

How old do you have to be?

Like all photography its essential the subject can stand still and face the camera, babies in arms have been scanned successfully.

What should I wear?

Some clothing reproduces better than others, we may have to apply a chequered tape to you which helps our computer operators distinguish clothes that may confuse the system, typically reflective and small patterns, the tape does not damage clothing.

Can I have my figurine on a base?

Yes, bases are available at additional cost.

Can I scan my pet?

Providing your pet can stand still for a few seconds, yes.

Where are figurines printed?

They are printed in our Hertford office, home of the scanner, alternatively for corporate events and parties we can bring the scanner to you, costs on application.

Will I have an idea of what my figurine will look like?

You will be asked to approve the images that your figurine will be printed from, prior to payment.

What if my figurine has been damaged in the post?

Figurines are securely packed, but in the case of damage occurring during transit we will request a photo of the damage and return of the figurine at our cost,replacement will then be made.  This must be done within 48 hours of signing for the package.

Can I have more than one copy?

Duplicate copies in various sizes are available at a discounted price.

Can I order reprints?

Yes you can.  We will require your name and approximate date original scan was taken.

How should I care for my figurine?

Figurines should be treated as collectibles, not toys, similar to a china ornament used as a display. Full care instructions will be supplied with your figurine and should be read carefully, prior to display.